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The right marketing is true to your brand and its principles. True to your customers, donors, prospect and public. True to your needs, goals and the value of your investment. And most of all, true to you.

For over three decades, Summit Marketing has delivered proven results for commercial, nonprofit and governmental clients alike.

We shape your campaign strategies, message platforms and creative tactics with research, analytics and reporting that capture your unique truth for national, regional and local constituents. Our direct, digital and social media plans put the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. Everything we plan, propose and produce is evaluated by four standards: Meaningful, Memorable, Motivational and Measurable.

While it may seem unfashionable in the cynical world of advertising and marketing, our people are true believers who take on individual and collective responsibilities as stewards of your brand. Your mission, becomes our passion and we commit to driving higher levels of customer engagement and action, deeper brand loyalty, increased revenue and greater returns on investment and equity for you.

The truth is ... you deserve nothing less.