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Exciting News

Register to Ring™ Has Launched an Upgraded Site

After several months in the making it’s ready: the Register to Ring volunteer site just had an extreme makeover. Now, navigating the site, reserving shifts on a cell phone and signing up as a group is easier. We are excited to show you what we’ve been working on so check out RegistertoRing.com because you will want to be one of the first people to explore the new functionality.

Where will my customized images and messages appear?

On your volunteer scheduling page, we have added a new carousel to display your custom pictures and local messages.

How do I upload images to the carousel? Are the pictures that were loaded on my volunteer site in the past still there?

To enhance and make the transition smoother, we have provided three carousel images to get you started. Feel free to keep or customize them at your convenience.  Any custom images you had loaded in Site Admin > Site Images have been made temporarily inactive. If you want to use those images, you will need to resize them to 640 X 400 to fit properly. If you need assistance resizing your images, contact rtrsupport@summitmarketing.com. We have additional pictures available for use in our Register to Ring Toolbox. You can use all custom pictures, all pictures from the Register to Ring Toolbox or a combination of both.

What happened to Site News?

Site Admin > Site News has been consolidated. Any pictures you had loaded in Site News that you want displayed in the carousel will now need to be added to Site Admin > Site Images. Don’t forget, you can add URLs to images so they are clickable!

Can I still use my old custom message for the scheduling page?

If you already have a message defined for your homepage that you like, don’t worry! Your message has not disappeared. It will now be displayed in the new customizable left sidebar.

If you don’t have a message defined for your homepage yet, we will preload a standard message that says, “Volunteer bell ringers are more than an icon of the Christmas season; they’re the difference between an empty kettle and one that raises the funds that sustain the help The Salvation Army provides all year long. When you volunteer to stand at a kettle, you’re not just ringing a bell… you’re changing lives.”

How do I upload a new custom message to the scheduling page?

To change the messaging on the homepage of the volunteer site, you can do so by going to Site Admin > Custom Messages, “What message do you want displayed on the left sidebar.”

Site Admin > Custom Messages “Use first paragraph on the home page” has been made inactive. Any messaging in this field you will be responsible for incorporating into “What message do you want displayed on the left sidebar.”

What This Means For Your Volunteers

Your volunteers will be excited to see the new site is modern and easy to use.

Your volunteers will love the updated imagery and concise messaging.

Your volunteers will enjoy the new look of each mobile responsive page with added functionality. 

The newly reorganized shift registration process is more efficient for your volunteers and group leaders.